Hanson Poems

All of the poems posted at this site were written by Angie Marshall for Hanson. Enjoy!

Deep Feelings For Taylor (To: Taylor Hanson)

Deep feelings are in me now,
They just came, I don't know how,
Feelings below, feelings above,
I think these feelings might be of love.

Sometimes the feelings, just won't go away,
Sometimes I just want these feelings to stay.

When I think of you, my heart fills with pain
And then my tears fall and fall like rain.

My love for you, it is so true,
But the sad part is, I can never have you.

A Tribute For Taylor!

Taylor is as cute, as cute can be
His eyes shine, like the heavenly sea
His gorgious smile brightens up my day
It makes my tears run away
He's caring, sensitive, loving and sweet
Without him my life wouldn't be complete.
Taylor is like a rose that gors and gros.
In the sunlite he looks ilke an angel.

Smack Dab In The Middle Of Nowhere

Nowhere is where I'm going so I don't have far to go
So i'll let my mind dwell on Taylor Hanson, he's the greatest guyI know.
If he could only know my thoughts, how he's in most of them, He'd call me up most every night and let me talk to him.
But knowing me if he did, I'd be toungtied and wouldn't know what to say, Cause then my only thoughts would be, my gosh i've talked to Tay.
Dream on oh silly dreamer is what I what I feel inside,
Cause I know this dream will not come true so I feel like running off somewhere and find someplace to hide.
So in the middle of nowhere is where you'll find me,
Except unless that dream comes true I said could never be.
So Taylor if you're dreaming too, and if you dream of me,
Then look in the middle of nowhere, cause that is where i'll be.
my dad worte this poem for me    he die dec 25 2003 
so i well keep this poem  verry colse to my heart  
rip dad

This Time Around

They said we only go around once
I've come to belive it,s true
So while I am going around
I want to do it with you
This time around
This time around
So while I'm going around
I want to do it with you
This time around

If Only

If only I could see Tay's face in the sunlight
don't look at me...I'd probably get all sappy on poor Tay
If only I cold meet in the sunlight
If only he knew how i felt about him
If only I could meet you, Tay, in the sunlight
you would look like an angel
that came to me in a dream
If only I had the guts to tell him
If only he would stop going through my head
If only he wasn't every single thought in my mind
If only he would come and hold me while I cry
I'd tell him why
If only he would feel the same way

I'll Reach Out For Your Hand

Hanson I'll reach out for your hand
I'll reach out for your hand, I'll
be there, I'll stick by you
when you neead a fan to be there
I'll reach out for your hand
I'll come to you,
when nobody else will.

i well come to you

when you call my name
and ill be right there
by your side
to help you
threw the
bad times
in your live
i well come to
in the night
when you
nead a friend
by your side
and when you
about you
in your livfe
i well come to you
when your crying
when your herting in side
i well come to you
when the
get soo
and loney
and sad

I,ll Never Say Good bye
If some one really herts you
and you feel no longer careI just want you to know
I will always be there
When you need a hand to hold
Or support thorught trubled time

I want you to never forget
You can always hold mine
In good times and in bad
You always brought a smile to my face
And I know no one on earth
Could never take your place
And if you ever need someone
When others have passed you by
I only want you to know
That I,ll never say goodbye
Frinds will come and friends will go
But I will never leave
And that is the one true thing
That I want you to believe
You can put your trust in me
Cause I will never ever lie
And you can always and forever know
I,ll never say goodbye

came in our lives
in late 97
There voices sounds
like angels
in the light
you will smile
when you here them
they will make you happy
when you are sad
when you dont think
no one cares about you
Hanson came to us
in a mmmbop
so Hanson plase dont go
away form us
we all love you

The ghost of you and me
i watched you fade away
As you walk away
form me
all i see is the
ghost of you and me
i hear the voices
in my mind
of what you said
to me
when you
said it was
over between us
now all
i see is the
ghost of you and me
now i set
what i did
to make
you leave me

I will all ways remember you

ill remember all the good times

we shared I know its time

for you to go to heaven

ill try not to cry

but its hard

to let you

go and fly

were the heavens

are but remember

I well all ways love you


Happy Birthday Taylor

My wish for you is Happiness
In everything you do
Joyful days and nights of smiles
All meant especially for you.
My wish for you is Love
The everlasting kind
Deep and true and forever more
The love I pray you find.
My wish for you is Peace
Soft, gentle and deep within
The kind of peace that makes you feel
Good with life and all things you begin.
Last of allbut very important
Dreams...are my wish for you
Follow your heart to search for those dreams
And it will lead you to happiness so true.
These wishes and more I make for you
Because you are so dear
I pray that they will all come true
With Happiness always near

~Written by Angie on March 3,2001.

always he dedicated to my
inspiration (taylor hanson)

my pain only grows greater with ever breath of
waken moment not that i live but that i die with out
for there's an image that haunts my mind an bestills
heart for ever night without him is a sleepless night
is what i always seem to be without the comfort of
arms around me arms i long to hold me the pain i
with in my heart as I know you'll never know me
pain clouds my mind an inside my heart begins
have you ever seen eyes as bright as the sun in the
an as deep as the ocean blue well i have an his
trapped me for over me he has this hold that will
until my dying day his arms i long to hold me his
whispers i long to soothe me ever moment of my
life is
never ending longing to feel him near me to have
arms hold me close through the night an end my
pain to
me he is everything every breath i breath until my
day when i hunger i need him to feed mE when i
thirst i
need him to quench it please i beg for him to catch
when i fall an lift me to my feat once again safely
my shelter in the storm my life my love an my
song he's my eyes if ever i cant see he's the ears i
need to
hear my heart beat through the darkness hell lead
way an bring me safely through another day to be
to him is all i dream but it never ending for when i
i know he wont be here with me he's everything i
long to
have an even more what i long to be all i need of
him is
to speak my name to fulfill me for his tender words
gentle voice so much like an angel soothe me
when it
comes to how i feel the words are left unspoken for
i had the chance to speak i opened my mouth an
voice failed me my words were lost in fear of ever
speaking what i feel to fall upon his ears so now
never know me an alone in my heart i long to be
close to
someone who will never know me .for in the night
he is
my dream that remains when i wake that i carry in
heart every waken moment of each day as i go on
without him i still remain here all alone as the
with in my life consumes me i open my eyes to the
of him that brings me joy an as a thousand times
tears fall down like rain i need him to kiss them
away for
all i want is for him to be close by my side an
always in
my heart for i know he is only my every wish the
object of my desire the one that i love true he
the door to my heart for only he held the key an
inside that love that hides he let it flow free fOR AS
for me there is but only one that holds my heart
angel with the hair of gold that set me free the one
showed me what heaven was like an set my heart
on fire
his name rings in my ears an vision throughout my
from now until the day i die hell be the one for me in
eyes forever though hell never see just what he
dose to
me for every heart beat within me screams his
because hell always to me be every thing in heaven
an on
earth God created nothing with more beauty then
one who i want to stand before me but when i reach
he fades away to be nothing more than my hearts
memory dizzy my head is spinning my feet cant
the ground IM falling more than i already have i
steady my self as more of him flood into me over
over again i scream begging for him to hold me to
me up with his love that could only fulfill the
that's the whole with in my heart that waits for only
to know its true so people say what is love some
never know but my heart has already found the
an will never let it go for in my heart the truth i
find itS something that is never ending held onto till
end of time


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