Do You Love Hanson This Time Around?

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zac pics



hey zac lol



General Info

Full Name: Zachary Walker Hanson
Nick Names: Zac, Animal, Psycho
D.O.B: October 22, 1985
Age: 14
P.O.B: Arlington, Virginia

Band Related Info

Instruments: Drums, Percussion, mini-maraca
Started singing when he was 6 yrs old
Began Playing the drums when he was 9 yrs old

Useless But Oddly Interesting Info

Fave Color: Blue (he also said black one time)
Claim to fame: Zac can burp a whole sentence!
Outta My Mind: Zac is the weird, crazy, animated one in

the band!!




click here to play sound



Isn't it weird. Isn't it strange.
Even though we're just two strangers on this runaway train
We're both trying to find a place in the sun
We've lived in the shadows, but doesn't everyone
Isn't it strange how we all fell a little bit weird sometimes

Isn't it hard. Standing in the rain.
You're on the verge of going crazy and your heart's in pain
No one can hear though you're screaming so loud
You feel all alone in a faceless crowd
Isn't it strange how we all get a little bit weird sometimes.

Sitting on the side. Waiting for a sign.
Hoping that my luck will change.
Reaching for a hand that can understand,
Someone who feels the same.
When you live in a cookie cutter world being different is a sin.
So you don't stand out and you don't fit in.
Isn't it strange how we all feel a little bit weird
Strange, how we all get a little bit.
Strange, 'cause we're all Just a little bit weird sometimes.

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