Do You Love Hanson This Time Around?

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15 Ways to Tell If You Are Obsessed With Hanson


15 Ways to Tell If You Are Obsessed With Hanson

15. You can't wait for the month to be over so you can turn the page on your Hanson calender.

14. You call MTV to play MMMBop,Wheres the Love, I Will Come to You, Weird and River at least twice a day.

13. You pretend to feed your Hanson posters...

12. You dont listen to any other CD except for Middle of Nowhere, Snowed In, and 3 Car Garage.

11. You refuse to eat Aunt Jamima Waffles. They don't satisfy you as much as Eggo. There are not good enough for you...

10. You own a pair of red pants.

9. You always keep a supply of green Jell-O, just in case Hanson comes over.

8. You collect rare and price-less Hanson items.

7. You only visit Hanson websites when you go on the internet.

6. You drink milk even though you're lactose intolerant.

5. Everytime you walk in to your room, you look at you Hanson poster(s) hanging on your wall.

4. You have a Hanson memorabilia in room and you proud of your autographed CD.

3. Your parents are sick of MMMbop.

2. MMMbop is still you favorite song, and will always be.

1. You have your own Hanson website.