Do You Love Hanson This Time Around?

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happy brithday tay




hay tay watch out your about to step on your brithday
cake lol




Angie and Erin says happy bday Tay

Taylor's Birthday!!

Your music reaches your many fans.
Across the bounderies of many lands.
Your voice is heard all around.
It is such a wonderful, joyess sound.
It makes us happy when we are blue.
This joy we feel we send to you.
You make us strong, when we are weak.
Your voice was there when we couldn't speak.
In concerts fans scream your name.
Your gift of music brought you fame.
Our hearts took pictures that we will save.
For all the good times that you gave.
Happy Birthday our voices ring.
Hoping you hear us while we sing.
Hope your day is a happy one.
Filled with gladness and a lot of fun!
happy brithday tay

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